About Us


Bull City Botics, also known as FRC Team 6332, located at Riverside High School, is a robotics team dedicated to spreading awareness of STEM concepts as well as exposing students to new experiences.

We also focus on soft skills such as team building, writing skills, and marketing. We introduce students to real-world applications of science, math, engineering, and nonprofit studies through our program. These students are able to get a college-level understanding of STEM principles through workshops and hands-on experience.

Though our team is young, our mentors are well-experienced. Many are alumni of FRC Teams 6003 and 900, both from North Carolina, and have over 23 years of combined FIRST experience; some are veteran educators who helped mentor students on FRC Team 6003 to their success as the highest-ranked first-year team in North Carolina; and others are new to FIRST but are well-experienced in their fields as nonprofit professionals, teachers, researchers, and finance specialists.

Our organization is led by a combination of student mentors from North Carolina State University, who work directly with the team, and parent supporters, who assist in administrative tasks. It is this dynamic between university students and professionals that poises our leadership team to make effective decisions that incorporate an appreciation for not only the new and risky but also the established and reliable.